Back to Basics

Join me for the first of many episodes where I’m sharing some back-to-basics lessons for amplify your blogging and content marketing efforts.

Photography and images for your blog are critical and in this episode I share some resources for sourcing for photography for your blog as well as tips for keeping you safe when it comes to licensing images. Plus, we dig deep into some ideas for going beyond the traditional stock photography sources and look at what Creative Commons (CC) means and public domain images.

Access my free stock creative download log template as mentioned in the epiosde:

Stock Photography Websites:

by Getty Images

Creative Commons images  

Creative Commons (CC) licenses are one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted “work”.

Search for Creative Commons images on the following sites, using advanced search features. Be sure to make sure the image you select matches the license that you desire to use. Most require attribution to original source.

Open Access and Public Domain Images

Images made available to the media and public because they were sponsored by taxpayers or are now in the public domain because the copyright has expired and the author did not renew.  

Other Show Notes