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Blog Coaching with Scott Winterroth aka the @wordmentor


The Blog You Want – Blog Coaching Program was designed for creators who want to leverage the power of content marketing. In order to leverage content, you must make space to create. This program is designed to keep you on track and focused on generating the most success with the least amount of mistakes.


Why do I care about blogging so much?

Because when we partner up, we both benefit.  Being a content marketer myself, I’ve experienced first hand how blogging, when done properly, is a powerful way to grow visibility and authority online. It has helped me live a more fulfilling life and I want you to experience this same feeling.  Because when you see what I’m seeing, I know you will be more than happy to pay it forward tenfold.


How I will help you as your blogging coach?

Blogging and creating content requires a rhythm and a strategy.  I coach clients to help them find their most creative self and prioritize what matters the most.

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