Sahara Rose Travels

In this episode, accomplished world traveler and blogger Sahara Rose and I chat about how she is transforming her travel blogging experience into an online travel coaching business. Sahara Rose has a very interesting story and inspiring vision for how she is tackling the travel coaching industry. Most importantly, the thing that I love about her is that she is a go-getter and doesn’t let fear get in her way.

Sahara starting sharing content with little intent to turn it into a business but today she is realizing the power and profitability of building an authority online. Regardless if it’s traveling the world or posting content to her blog, Sahara is fearless and not afraid to make mistakes. I can tell she dives head first into whatever she puts her mind to. That is absolutely the right attitude for content entrepreneurs and I know that her story will inspire those listening, I know it did for me. She is for sure someone you want to follow.

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