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Scott Winterroth

Author of the book The Digital Acquisition Cycle™ for Content Creators

The Digital Acquisition Cycle for Content Creators Book by Scott Winterroth


#44 – Optimize your WordPress site settings

Out of the box, WordPress is a powerful content management tool for websites and blog but there may be some default settings that you will want to change to achieve optimum performance. In this...

#43 – Is WordPress Secure?

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging software programs on the planet, but does that mean it is secure? The truth is, it may not be and if you don’t prepare yourself with these...

#42 – Gail and Scott launch a podcast!

In this episode, I introduce you to one of my collaborators Gail Zugerman. Gail is the host of a new podcast, Growing Older with Gusto, and is a 10+ year blogger now turned podcaster. We sat down in...

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