Blogging is a marathon – not a sprint – and often an endeavor that can take years before one starts to see any real payoff.  Life throws us a lot of opportunities-to-test and decisions to tackle. At any given moment, you probably like me and have about 25 important things on your todo list. Throwing a blog on top of that can be overwhelming but with a bit of encouragement, you too can be successful. Even if it’s just a small win.  Sometimes, playing the short game and going for the small surmountable wins are the best way to take a whack at success.

In this episode, I share some ideas for how to plot for success, prioritize your blogging efforts and some ideas for making it all happen.  Also, be sure to share and tweet your #BlogWin moments on Twitter or Instagram and I will share them on the show. Make sure to mention @swinterroth and I will be sure to mention it on a future episode.